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Daniel Bryan Reveals His Reaction to Brie Bella’s Second Pregnancy

June 11, 2020 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Brie Bella Daniel Bryan

– Brie Bellas released a new vlog on the Bella Twins YouTube channel where Daniel Bryan could talk about his reactions to finding out about Brie Bella’s second pregnancy, his feelings on the day he found out, and more. You can check out that vlog below.

Daniel Bryan said on the news, “I always wanted a second baby, but then, she was so busy, that it didn’t sense. And I could see where she was — [coming from].” He added, “Well, I was on a lot of international tours at the time, but with her being so busy and everything like that, she said she was concerned and didn’t want the stress and the struggle and all that kind of stuff. I said, ‘OK. That makes sense.’ And you have to listen to the people that you love. It’s not just your life, and it’s not just their life. It’s a combined life. And so, you make decisions together and you compromise, and we both re-looked at things and thought that we were ready.”

He continued on having kids, “I love babies, but two is it! Two is it. Unless, we have an accidental third. If there’s accidental third, accidental third of the future, we still love you.”

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