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Daniel Cormier Weighs In On Randy Orton’s WWE TV Return Being Upstaged By CM Punk

December 3, 2023 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
WWE WarGames Randy Orton Cody Rhodes - Survivor Series Image Credit: WWE, TNT Sports

Randy Orton and CM Punk both made their WWE TV returns at Survivor Series, and Daniel Cormier shared his thoughts on Punk’s return taking the spotlight away from Orton. Orton was part of the men’s WarGames match in his first appearance says May of 2022 and he was on the winning team. Of course, moments after the match ended, Punk made his surprising return to WWE by coming out to the entrance ramp.

Cormier was on The MMA Hour and weighed in on the end of the WWE PPV during his conversation with Ariel Helwani. The MMA star noted that he enjoyed Punk’s return but imagined that Orton would be less than thrilled.

“The thing about wrestling today is, if you’re on the internet at all, everyone is guessing [Punk might return],” Cormier said (per Wrestling Inc). “It was in Chicago, so you thought if there was a time, maybe. I liked it, but if you’re Randy Orton, you’re pissed off, right? Randy Orton comes out, muscles popping. Big chest, big shoulders, big muscles, and then ‘Look in my eyes.'”

Cormier cracked, “‘Oh, Randy Orton is back; let’s put him back in a tag team with Matt Riddle because now we’re all talking about CM Punk.'”

Orton announced on Friday that he had “signed” with Smackdown and will be part of that brand’s roster.