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Dark Side of the Ring Creators On Scott Hall Calling Montreal Screwjob a Work, Lance Storm’s Criticism of Episode

May 6, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
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Speaking with Jeffrey Harris for the 411 Wrestling Interviews Podcast, the creators of Viceland’s acclaimed wrestling docuseries, Dark Side of the Ring, discussed Lance Storm criticizing a line from the Montreal Screwjob episode as well as Scott Hall saying the whole thing was a work. Storm posted to Twitter calling the episode out for a line by Bruce Prichard saying that it was Bret Hart’s last night in the company, as you can see below, along with producer/co-creator Evan Husney’s response:

On Storm’s criticism of the line: “Well, I mean obviously, we’ve heard a lot of criticisms on the Montreal Screwjob episode. I think one of the things is, why that story has endured for so long is, I think people could read the Wrestling Observer and get Dave’s exhaustive bullet-pointed facts on the story. Obviously we have the challenge of kind of condensing it to a forty-four minute episode at the end of the day. But really, I think that this story for us was fascinating in that everybody kind of has their own version of the truth of what happened that night. And how it kind of lives on as the JFK assassination of wrestling in sort of ways. And it’s like, I don’t know if a listing of the facts would have been as compelling. And I think what Bruce meant, and maybe it was a combination of us taking it out of context a little bit. But I think what he meant is — the way he phrases it, he sort of says, ‘You know, it’s your last night in the company,’ and I think he sort of meant it as looking back in hindsight. I could be wrong, I know it could be wrong. And it’s not factually correct.

On designing the show to appeal to non-wrestling fans and wrestling fans alike: “But again, looking at that whole situation more in macro, going back to what Jason was saying about the feedback that we’ve gotten on the show thus far. It’s predominantly the feedback we’re getting from the non-wrestling fans. The people who don’t know anything about this. Because hardcore wrestling fans, as many of them as there are, there’s not enough of them to really justify the existence of a show like this. You really have to make an appeal to people that aren’t as familiar with these stories as we are. So sometimes just to condense information, you have to get things in. At the same time, I think what’s fascinating to non-fans is that there’s this one incident that took place And after twenty years, even though we’ve exhaustively looked at it under a microscope, there are still aspects of the story people can’t agree on, and there’s always a different angle and different approach. And I think for us, that’s what was really fascinating for us, and kind of one of the things we wanted to blow out into telling the story.”

On Scott Hall saying the Screwjob was a work: “Scott Hall, for example, is another aspect of the story that gets a lot of heat, so to speak in terms of why Scott Hall is in there. And the truth of the matter is, when we were talking to Scott about being in the Randy Savage episode, which he’s also featured in, I just mentioned that we’re doing this episode about the Montreal Screwjob. And his response to us, you know, was just like, ‘Total work!’ You know? [laughs] Like, ‘What?’ And he just went into detail on why he thinks that, and then it was too good not to include. Because it also shows that there is maybe more of a divide than people think. And I’m not trying to be a conspiracy theorist, but we actually put a poll out there on the internet that was like, ‘So, what does everybody think?’ And we were surprised how still, after all this time, there’s like 40% I’d say almost that maybe want to believe or do believe that it was [a work]. We know from talking to Bret. My expert opinion is, I don’t think that’s ture at all, but it’s just fascinating. On a macro view if you’re looking at this from a bird’s eye view, it’s fascinating after all these years that this one thing, not everybody agrees on.”

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