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Dark Side of the Ring Producer On When The Show Might Cover Vince McMahon Allegations

May 31, 2023 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Vince McMahon, WWE TKO, Slim Jim, John Laurinaitis Image Credit: CNBC

In an interview with ComicBook Nation (via Fightful), Dark Side of the Ring producer Evan Husney said that it may take years before the show covers allegations against Vince McMahon. He spoke about how when something controversial happens in the modern era, people are quick to reference his show, but that doesn’t mean it’ll get covered right away.

He said: “It’s funny to see on social media, I do get a kick out of it. When something controversial happens in the modern age of wrestling, you instantly get the Dark Side memes. That’s fun. The way that I look at these modern stories, with most of the stories we cover on the show, there is the benefit of hindsight or so much time has gone by, the story is done. The story is finished, so we can really get into it and try to unpack it. These stories that pop up in the last year or two, those are stories that are not really done being told. I think we might have to wait a few years, maybe more, before we can really dive in and unpack and truly understand every aspect of that story.

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