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Dave Prazak Discusses SHIMMER, Wrestlicious, Christopher Daniels, More

April 7, 2010 | Posted by Larry Csonka

Transcript credit: talkIMPACTradio.com

Dave Prazak was the guest on this week’s episode of talkIMPACTradio. Just a few days removed from ROH’s Big Bang pay per view and on the road to Shimmer this weekend, Dave stuck around for nearly an hour long interview. Listen to the interview at: http://www.talkIMPACTradio.com

-Dave talked a little about how he got into wrestling. Between Managing and Ring Announcing. He says he has no preference on which he prefers to be booked more on but only works at one promotion on a regular basis now as a manager.

-Dave said before he got into the business he was a fan of Japanese women’s wrestling, He’d rent the New Japan and All Japan tapes from a store at a mall near his home for a dollar a night.

-Dave said Shimmer started as a result of Ian Rotten’s IWA not being able to make good on a booked show. Dave had developed a good relationship with a lot of the female talent booked through IWA. Dave called up Allison Danger and they ran a show, and so forth and so forth. He is very pleased with the growth of the company since it’s inception.

-Dave confirmed a semi-bet going on between him and Portia Perez regarding this weekend’s Shimmer Tapings. If they draw a good crowd, Dave will do a moonsault. So those of you in the Chicago area, go check out Shimmer this weekend and Dave will risk his life.

-Dave shared his thoughts on Shimmer alumni in WWE and TNA. Beth Phoenix, Katie Lea, Serena Deeb, Kong, Madison Rayne amongst others were discussed.

-Indy asked Dave if he had seen any of Wrestlelicious, Dave admitted that he had not. He said the concept is very different than Shimmer. Wrestlelicious, in his eyes, are trying to recreate what GLOW did in the 80’s. Dave said he gives them credit for this inception of the concept because Wrestlelicious is actually using talented girls. More importantly, he says, Shimmer girls are getting paid very well to be a part of Wrestlelicious. He summed up the show as suppose to be wrestling and comedy. Something that is an acquired taste.

-Coolkdog asked Dave if we will ever see another “Come as You Are Battle Royal,” Dave chuckled and said the idea has been thought of but they don’t know if they’d ever match the talent. Dave told the story of how the battle royal came together. Austin Aries, Evan Bourne, Alex Shelley, Jimmy Jacobs, Delirious, Claudio Castagnoli and others were still in town from a Ring of Honor show the night before. Dave paid them all a dollar each to do the dark match battle royal and the rest is history. Look it up on YouTube if you haven’t seen it, it’s amazing.

-Dave talked about the many people he’s commentated with from Lenny Leonard to CM Punk. He also talked about working for CHIKARA.

-Indy asked Dave his thoughts on Christopher Daniels and TNA parting ways. Dave said TNA’s loss in ROH’s gain.

-Indy asked Dave what he thought about Bryan Danielson’s run in WWE. Dave said he hasn’t seen any of Bryan in WWE but Dave said Bryan did all there is to do outside of WWE. He also compared Bryan’s stint to CM Punk a few years ago. Punk was signed to WWE and did 2 years in developmental and look at him now. Patience is key.

-Dave was asked what it’s like working with the “Most Enthusiastic Man in Wrestling,” Mike Hogwood. He said he loves it. Mike’s great quality his genuine emotion. He doesn’t have much of a wrestling background but he does have a sports broadcast background. More or less, The Don West effect. This lead to some talk about Jim Ross, Taz, and Don West.

-Before wrapping up the show the gang talked a bit more about Shimmer this weekend and wrestlers. The gang collectively agreed that Hamada is one of the best wrestlers in the world, male or female. Dave talked about Hamada’s Shimmer match with Sara Del Ray. He talked about how Hamada gives her all at TNA in front of a national audience and live at Shimmer in front of a few hundred.

These are just some highlights, there was more to this interview.

To listen to this interview in it’s entirety visit http://www.talkIMPACTradio.com

For more on Shimmer, visit http://www.shimmerwrestling.com

Shimmer has 2 shows this weekend at Berwyns Eagle Club in Berwyn, Illinois. Admission is only $20. 2pm Bell time on Saturday, 1pm on Sunday.

Remember if you guys fill up the seats than Dave Prazak will do a moonsault from the top rope on a poor subject! It will make Portia Perez happy!

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