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Davey Boy Smith Jr. Reveals His MLW Contract Expires in December, Addresses the Promotion’s Current Status

July 29, 2020 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Davey Boy Smith Jr

The Wrestling Inc. Daily recently spoke to MLW wrestler Davey Boy Smith Jr., who discussed his MLW status and more. Below are some highlights from WrestlingInc.com.

Davey Boy Smith Jr. on his AEW deal expiring in December: “If there was a happy medium where MLW could run shows in an empty arena with no fans and people getting COVID testing. I think that would be the right approach…Unfortunately, they don’t pay talent when they are sitting at home bored out of their mind, which isn’t good either. My deal is up with them in December. They’ve reached out to me about renewing my deal. The only problem is renewing a deal when you don’t know if the company is running again. With all due respect and what I think with what is all going on right now, I think what we’re looking at is the new [normal] for a while for the next year to 18 months.

Smith on Brian Pillman Jr. appearing in AEW: “I think he had a slightly different deal than mine contract-wise. So that’s why he is doing what he is doing. At the same time I think he is contracted longer than myself. At least he is staying pro-active and keeping the ring rust off. He has been telling me he has been working out hard at the gym and taking time during the pandemic to better himself. That’s something that I’ve done. I’ve been training at the American Top Team here in Tampa, Florida. I was always a gymnast when I was really young and wanted to get back into that. I didn’t have the time. A lot of these gymnastics places, it’s hard to do personal, privates with them. Luckily there was a coach here in Tampa. He was teaching me to do round out back handsprings and front flips to your feet. I can almost do a standing moonsault, which is pretty impressive for a guy who is 6-foot-5, 250, 260. I can’t think of many guys who can do that next to Tom Magee. I have been as productive as I possibly can to use this time of COVID-19 to make yourself better because what else are you going to do?”

On the plans to work AJPW in the Championship Carnival tournament: “That’s what I had in mind and think what we were leading to was a feud with [MLW champion] Jacob Fatu and myself. That’s why I wanted to learn how to do the moonsault because that was Jacob Fatu’s move. I thought we could have a moonsault versus moonsault battle and a good heavyweight style match. I remember Davey and Fatu had some good matches with the matches with the Bulldogs and the Islanders. I thought we could reinvent something for now. Then when my MLW contract comes up in December, see if it was good to go in that direction or see if WWE, NXT UK would be a good option. Unfortunately, due to COVID there is no WWE NXT UK [right now]. That was what the plan was. My plan going forward is everything is up in the air because of COVID-19.”

On his late father’s WWE Hall of Fame induction: “With my dad going into the WWE Hall of Fame, we don’t know when that is going to happen. The last thing was they were pushing for SummerSlam. Now they are pushing that back. Things keep getting pushed back. That’s why I’m hoping MLW is able to survive this. I have my doubts for a lot of companies. It’s going to be a long time. We’re in a marathon, not a race here.”