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David Starr on the Success of His Independent Campaign, Wrestling Unions

September 19, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Progress Chapter 88 David Starr

– David Starr spoke with the Daily Star for a new interview discussing PROGRESS’ Natural Progression Series and more. Highlights are below:

On rising UK talent The OJMO being his pick to win PROGRESS’ Natural Progression Series tournament: “[He is a] tough MFer that will take a beating with everything he his. [I nominated him because of] his heart, determination and will to win. His passion shows through his work and he connects with every audience. Its a very different group this year but, even speaking to OJMO about it, it’s hard to miss that this is the hungriest group of guys put together. Young guns looking to break out and wily veterans who’ve been working for a long time finally getting their break. Should be a great tournament.”

On the success of his “Independent” campaign: “[Independent has connected] because its based in reality. People understand the way the world has been operating. Governments have been focusing on the needs and well being of the elite class while our middle class is shrinking. We can all feel the wealth disparity and recognise that this is rooted in the lack of labor protections and rights. It’s easy to see that there’s been someone who has become a billionaire on the backs of labourers who aren’t afforded fair financial recourse.”

On Equity offering support to UK wrestlers: “It’s huge. Equity is a well established union with strong infrastructure. Them offering wrestling disability welfare, contract advice, legal backing for claims, and so much more legitimises wrestling in so many ways. Equity is helping to give us the security that we need to have true freedom of choice. If you’re a wrestler in the UK, joining Equity should be a top priority. It makes sense on an individual basis as well as creating a collective strength.”

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