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David Starr Says ROH Lied to Him About Title Match

April 19, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Jay Lethal David Starr

– David Starr is calling out Ring of Honor for not giving him a title match at Israel Pro Wrestling Association’s Passover Bash 2019 as promised. Starr is scheduled to face Jay Lethal at the show this weekend in central Israel, with the caveat that if Lethal lost the time, Starr would face the new champion. Lethal lost the championship to Matt Taven, but the match has not been switched to Taven. The match would have been the first time the title would be defended in Isreal.

In a series of Tweets, Starr said that ROH and Sinclair “lied” and said that while he’ll give the Isreali fans everything he can, Ring of Honor should “reconsider the ‘honor’ part of your name.” He proceeded to take shots at Sinclair, which has been accused of having a right-wing bias, saying, “If you don’t like being called a ‘far right wing extemist [sic] corporate propaganda machine’ don’t be one. And if you don’t like being associated with a ‘far right wing extremist corporate propaganda machine’ then disassociate with it.”

You can see his posts below: