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Davey Boy Smith Jr. and Low Ki Campaign for Matches With Mike Tyson in MLW After Court Bauer Extends Invite

May 6, 2020 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
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As previously reported, MLW CEO Court Bauer extended the invite for 53-year-old boxing champion Mike Tyson to compete in an MLW wrestling ring. The invite comes after a clip of Mike Tyson surfaced online this week and went viral. The clip shows Tyson hitting pads and getting some training done for a return to boxing in the form of some four-round exhibition matches for charity. Now that Bauer has expressed interest, MLW wrestlers Davey Boy Smith Jr. and Low Ki are campaigning to face Tyson one-on-one in MLW.

Davey Boy Smith wrote on Twitter, “I think myself and @MikeTyson would be an interesting match up inside @MLW ring.” Meanwhile, Low Ki tweeted, “@mlw SuperFight Low-Ki vs @MikeTyson. No bullshit. No drama. #Brooklyn#TheProfessional #TheWorldWarrior#IronMikeTyson”

Additionally, Low Ki took it a step further with a video hyping a potential matchup. He said in the video: “So let me get this straight. Court Bauer is throwing it out there that he wants Mike Tyson in Major League Wrestling. If there’s anybody who’s front of the line, it is yours truly. Not only am I from Brooklyn, I’m the most dominant figure in wrestling history. If you want the battle of all battles, I throw my hat into the ring. Low Ki vs. Mike Tyson, Major League Wrestling. Let’s go.”