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DDP Discusses How Much Money His WWE Run Cost Him, Rumors That He Was Ending Goldberg’s Streak, More

September 23, 2016 | Posted by Larry Csonka
Diamond Dallas Page DDP WCW

– DDP recently appeared on The Tomorrow Show, discussing rumors that he was going to end Goldberg’s streak and more. Here are the highlights…

On Dusty Rhodes suggesting to Eric Bischoff that DDP end Goldberg’s streak before their match at Halloween Havoc ’98: “I never asked Bischoff this question, it was just recently in the last year or two that I heard it before Dusty died. But he said that uh because Goldberg was about to come out on Entertainment Weekly and the T.V. Guide and all that wearing the belt and he didn’t want to confuse the people. To me, if I’m the booker I’m thinking ya beat him, kill that streak and then beat him [DDP] back the next night… let’s see him go at it again tomorrow night.”

DDP was going to the WWE because of Kevin Nash, until Hogan changed Dallas’ mind: “I said ‘I’m gonna ask Bishoff for my release, I’m going to go to New York, I’m gonna become a huge star here, man.’ I said, ‘I’m over — Kevin Nash is my best friend, he’s a star up there and I know he’s going to get me a shot.’ … and he [Hogan] said ‘Ok, listen, I want you to just pull everything down, and we’re going to talk about this because I honestly believe, if you keep doing what you’re doing, we could draw big money together.’ And he walked away.”

Former NFL star, Kevin Green, was shocked with how real wrestling is: “I walk out of the shower and I reach around cause my stuff was right where the TV was and all of the boys were watching and as I go to grab my stuff, Kevin Green goes, ‘DDP! What the hell happened to your back?’ And I look back and go ‘Didn’t you just watch that?’ And his eyes went (makes widening motion with hands at eyes), like ‘that was real?’.”

What a 46 year old DDP whispered to a 23 year old Brock Lesnar in the ring: “I am the first named superstar that Brock slid in and hit with his thing. Now he’s 23, I get done with my match, he slides in, boy’s gonna hit me with the sidewalk slam and decides to hit me with the F5. Now I’m looking at that beast and after we get done with what we’re told what we’re going to do, I went ‘Brock, 23, 46, 23, 46.’ He goes, ‘c’mon D, I’m not going to hurt you out there,’ and I go ‘veteran, legend, old man.’ When he hit me with the sidewalk slam, he took so, unlike when Randy hit me with the elbow, he took so much of it, I was like ‘wow, that was kind of sweet.’ That’s what I said to him!”

Only a Wrestlemania match would get DDP out of retirement: “If they asked me to come back to Wrestlemania again, I would go crazy doing it.”

How going to the WWE cost DDP $487,000: “Of the 2.3 million I was owed, I left $487,000.”

DDP believes he was the best match Goldberg ever had: “There’s never, he’s never had a better match and he never will.”

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