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Defending Kurt Angle vs. Baron Corbin At WrestleMania 35

March 23, 2019 | Posted by Justin Watry
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Hi, I’m Justin Watry. You may remember me from such columns as March 2012’s “WWE WrestleMania 28:¬†Sheamus Should Defeat Daniel Bryan In Less Than A Minute” and October 2016’s “WWE NXT: Bobby Roode, You’re Next.”


Right before posting this and putting the finishing touches on the column, I saw that Edge already defended Baron Corbin vs. Kurt Angle at WWE WrestleMania 35. D’oh! Thanks man. Still, here goes nothing…

Defending Baron Corbin VS Kurt Angle At WM35

Logic – What is the main thing fans like to cry about with their television shows? Consistency. Logical story telling. Things that make sense! With all shows, that is what we ask for and in some cases – demand! Um, I hate to break it to you, but Baron Corbin has been pestering Kurt Angle for a majority of 2018. Heck, I wrote a column in December saying those two would be a perfect payoff come WrestleMania 35 time for the RAW General Manager’s spot. Here we are in March 2019 and the same still stands. Angle and Corbin was the story folks. That is what WWE had been building…so now we do NOT want logic? Now we do NOT want things to make sense? Just because it is not our preference? Hmm, hypocritical perhaps?

No John Cena – Do we know for a fact that John Cena is appearing at WrestleMania 35? I think he will be there, but nothing has been confirmed. Thus, all this griping over Cena and Angle renewing their rivalry might be all a big waste of time. For all we know, he is set to be in China that weekend and he is in his house laughing at all this talk. Same with The Undertaker. My guess is he interrupts Elias during his concert but again – we have no idea on his real plans. Taker, Cena, etc. What we DO know is that Corbin will be there and is already in a long standing feud with Angle. That counts for more than all the dream scenarios being thrown out there.

In Ring – Kurt Angle is not the Kurt Angle we all remember so well. Even he has admitted this. The man is a step or two behind the peak days. His match with Chad Gable was clearly slowed down quite a bit. Heck, I would argue even his bout versus Apollo was in slow motion. Are we sure we want to see some kind of 20 minute classic attempt? What if it falls flat? Similar to Bret Hart vs. Vince McMahon at WrestleMania 26 – that should have been 90 seconds. Tops. Not the 75 minute debacle with all the chair swinging. On the flip side, does WWE (or even Angle) trust the man to go out there one final time and hold up his end of the bargain? Maybe a quick one sided fight demolishing Corbin is the best idea. I think he has one final classic left, but that is me.

Old School – Going back to logic and making sense, what happened to fans wanting a legend to put over a newcomer on his way out? Again, do we just pick and choose when these ‘rules’ apply? All this hype for John Cena…is completely against all the fantasy booking about Angle giving a young star a huge pat on the back before retiring. Cena gains nothing. Angle gains nothing. Another part-timer vs. part-timer match taking up time? Didn’t we supposedly hate that stuff? Now’s it’s okay?!?! I don’t know about you, but old school is going out on your back to a future main eventer. Like it or not, WWE believes that is Baron Corbin right now.

Baron Corbin – Okay, Baron Corbin had a great following in NXT. It is easy to forget that now, but fans dug his quick victories and entrance theme. Good win-loss record and more than deserving of a main roster call up. Ditto to his WM debut Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal victory. He deserved that. No disrespect to Kane that year but no thanks. That win belonged to Corbin. Then he went back and forth on Raw and Smackdown Live before cementing his spot on the card with a Money In The Bank contract. He had the talent, the backing and the potential. Things went downhill after that but not before being in the main event and letting the world know that he was a star in the making. Fast forward to today and everything still stands. We can laugh at him right now. However, who is to say that Angle didn’t actually hand pick him and is loving the heel heat? I mean, Corbin is supposed to be booed, correct? Rumors aside, backstage officials are probably loving this negative reaction. Now imagine Baron Corbin coming out each week to brag about retiring Kurt Angle…money.

SUMMARY: There. It was tough, but you can actually defend the decision. It is NOT what I would have done for the record. I have made that very clear since Monday night. At the end of the day, I want John Cena vs. Kurt Angle. I said that a million times on my podcasts and on Twitter. I want that match and do believe it is still possible. WWE has absolutely listened to their fans more than they are given credit for, and this is just the latest example. Angle deserves a big time sendoff and making Corbin tap out in ten seconds is satisfying but not WrestleMania worthy satisfying for an Olympic hero. What do YOU think?

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