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Demolition are Happy For the New Day For Breaking Their Record

December 15, 2016 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas

– Demolition spoke with Sports Illustrated for a new interview. Some highlights are below:

On The New Day breaking their WWE Tag Team Championship title reign record:

Smash: “I just watched 61*, the movie about Roger Maris beating Babe Ruth’s homerun record. I’ve heard New Day are good guys, and I hope they continue to do great.”

Ax: “Someone eventually had to beat the record. That’s what records are for – I’m happy for New Day. They are an exciting young team.”

On whether their involvement in WWE’s concussion lawsuit is preventing them from being in the WWE Hall of Fame:

Ax: “I have no idea if that’s the case [with the lawsuit]. We have no communication with them, and we haven’t communicated with them. We have no control over the Hall of Fame. We get asked that a lot, and told that we should be there. If it was based on careers, we should be there. Whether we get asked or not, we don’t know.”

Smash: “It would be a real honor to be in the Hall of Fame, but there are a lot of guys who should be in but aren’t. It would be a big thing, but who knows, we may never. There may be some heat there.”

Ax: “We haven’t spoken with anyone in the office for years. They realize we’re not going to be the ones to make the first call.”

On the two coming together as a team and having a relationship today:

Ax: “I was considering going back to Japan, but Vince and I chose Barry. We’d met in Charlotte and I could tell he was an honest guy and wasn’t going to BS me. He liked to work out, he liked to eat, and he liked to stay in nice hotels – we ate good, we traveled good, and we had good matches. He’s not the type of guy looking to put himself over – he was team first, and we reaped the benefits from that. We never knew how big we’d be, and it’s rather humbling.”

Smash: “I still really do look forward to seeing Bill on the road when we work conventions or sign autographs.”

Ax: “We’ve been together so long that Demolition is part of us.”