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Deonna Purrazzo Wants to Tag With Britt Baker & Chase Knockouts Tag Team Titles

October 20, 2021 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Impact Wrestling Deonna Purrazzo, TJP

Deonna Purrazzo says she and Britt Baker have both asked about doing a crossover between the women of AEW and Impact, and she’d like to team with Baker for a Tag Team Title run. Purrazzo spoke with Fightful for a new interview and talked about how she and her corresponding champion in AEW have both asked about the women’s divisions crossing over, and that because they’re both champions it’s been difficult for them to work out who would win if they fought. You can check out highlights of her comments below:

On potentially teaming with Britt Baker: “Yeah. I know that Britt and I have both done that. Went to Scott and went to Tony and was like, ‘When can we make this happen?’ I think it was a matter of time and when it would be right. That’s why I started saying, ‘We should just be a tag team.’ Because one of us has to lose a championship if we wrestle each other, but if we wrestle with each other against two other people, maybe at IMPACT! Wrestling where there’s Knockouts Tag Team Champions, we can wrestle the champions and become tag team champions together. So that way it’s the best way of both worlds. No one is the loser in that situation. We all win, right?”

On who she would most like to team up with: “No, I think it’s Chelsea or Britt. I just feel like those are legit my two real-life best friends. They’re the people I talk to all day, every single day. So I just think that that works. Those are the two people that I travelled the country with, that I shared hotel rooms with, and I shared cars with them. Chelsea lived with me at one point and was training to get back in the ring after she had an injury. So, those are people that I’ve lived this whole life with, and I don’t think that there’s any better person I can have a better relationship with than those two. So, I know that’s what doesn’t make a tag team, right, but I think that having that dynamic and being able to finish each other’s sentences and being able to know what each other are thinking, or things like that really benefits having a tag team partner that can do that and then going for the gold because you can anticipate everyone’s movements.”