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Details On Backstage Reaction To CM Punk’s Return, Creative Pitches

June 2, 2023 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
CM Punk AEW Rampage, Bryan Danielson Image Credit: AEW

CM Punk is making his AEW return at Collision’s debut, and a new report has details on the reaction backstage and creative pitches for Punk. As reported, it was announced on this week’s Dynamite that Punk will be returning on the June 17th debut of the show and Fightul Select has some notes on plans and reactions to the news.

According to the report, there have been no word of any walkouts planned as some wrestlers had said they would have done if Punk had returned after the All Out brawl. Things are said to have “cooled off” backstage. AEW has taken steps to ensure that as many talent who have issues with Punk or any other talent are being kept separate as part of the roster split between Dynamite and Collision. While it had largely been assumed that Punk’s return would be the announcement by Khan this week, almost no one was specifically told that before it happened.

As noted, Ace Steel and Punk will reportedly be involved in creative for Collision. While most people the outlet spoke to said that they believed the situation wouldn’t have blown up last month the way it did if Steel hadn’t been involved, several people said that Steel’s skill as a coach and member of the creative team was being underestimated online by many people and that Steel was seen as a valuable member of the team before All Out.

Regarding potential pitches, there has been no word in a while of the original pitches for Jericho to work with Punk. There was word at one point of Punk working with Samoa Joe, which is said to still be in the works. That said, the word lately that Punk has enjoyed the work of Jay White and that Bullet Club Gold could be an early program with Punk.

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