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Details On Why Eminem Was Reported To Be Working On WWE 2K20 Soundtrack When He Wasn’t

August 17, 2019 | Posted by Joseph Lee

Way back in March, it was reported by Fightful that Eminem had agreed to work on the soundtrack for WWE 2K20. Then Eminem’s representative Dennis Dennehy told Pro Wrestling Sheet at the time that it never went beyond “preliminary discussions” and there were “no plans to further pursue it.”

Fightful now has more details on the situation, including why talks broke down and why there was miscommunication over whether or not the rapper even agreed to a deal. At the time, Dennehy tried to contact Fightful, but never followed up after an initial email, with bounceback emails coming when the website contacted his Universal email. Fightful reports this is because Dennehy is no longer working as Executive VP and head of publicity at Interscope. He lef the company in May to work at AEG instead.

Meanwhile, as far as the Eminem/WWE 2K20 situation goes, there weren’t many in WWE that even knew it was being considered. The deal was being discussed between representatives from Universal and 2K. The idea of Eminem contributing to other games had been talked about, but 2K and Universal “came to terms” and “agreed” (which did not mean “signed”, per Fightful) just before the news broke. When that happened, representatives for Universal and Eminem were not happy about word getting out. Eminem didn’t know that the deal had been made yet, nor did WWE, which led to arguments and the deal fell apart.

Neither Universal Media Group (outside of an internal investigation) nor WWE commented at the time. 2K released a statement which said: “Soundtracks and projects are constantly in development at 2K, but an agreement has not yet been finalized with any artist for our impending slate of games.

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