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Details On Traditional PPV Buys For WWE Elimination Chamber

March 1, 2024 | Posted by Joseph Lee
WWE Elimination Chamber Perth - Rhea Ripley wins Image Credit: WWE, TNT Sports

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter has details on the traditional PPV buys for WWE Elimination Chamber, which happened last Saturday in Australia. The show was mainy viewed on Peacock or the WWE Network.

The first week had 5,900 PPV buys, which is the lowest ever for a WWE show with an early time. Late buys could rise significantly, as they have in the past. For example the Royal Rumble had 19,000 in its first week and rose to 25,400.

Elimination Chamber is down 61.9% from the Rumble, and down 32.2% from Crown Jewel, which was the last Saturday show outside of the normal timeslot. This event was much earlier in the day for North American audiences, however.

Of those who bought the Chamber, 61.6% bought the Rumble. 12.3% bought AEW Worlds End, a higher crossover number than usual. 9.9% also bought TNA Hard to Kill, another unusually high crossover number.