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Diamond Dallas Page Discusses The Good And Bad Of Social Media

January 17, 2020 | Posted by Jeremy Lambert
Diamond Dallas Page DDP WCW

– Diamond Dallas Page recently spoke to WrestlingINC about the positives and negatives of social media. Highlights are below.

On social media: “My company would never be where it is today without social media. I think there’s a lot good things on social media and a lot of bad. All you have to do is look at the Arthur Boorman video. I think that because of social media, people’s skin has to be thicker because now they have a way directly to you. I didn’t know that The Bucks quit Twitter because they’re social media icons. Wrestling fans are fickle and we all know it. There are ones that are loyal and others that just wanna bash people. I would never wanna be those people because it’s ridiculous. But it’s part of the business.”

On the DDP Unstoppable Challenge: “You sign up at PositivelyUnstoppable.com and then we give you all the things that we expect. Let’s say this one’s gonna be six months. If you’re 400 pounds then your whole life can change. If it’s a person 40 pounds overweight with a bad back, then we can see what your trials and tribulations are. The Vance Hinds video went viral at this time last year and blew our company through the roof. In it he talked to the camera almost like a reality show. He was talking to the camera for the people who are watching to see this huge accomplishment. 475 pounds and every week he’d way himself life and film himself doing the workouts. That’s what made that video so unbelievable. Today he is running to be a judge in his district and he wouldn’t have thought that could happen in a million year two years ago. Your life can change in a year dramatically. For the Positively Unstoppable Challenge, it’s not just the weight loss and the shape as it’s the mental work you do with it.

“Using the Positively Unstoppable Million Dollar Challenge, that’s what gives you the real focus. If you look at Arthur, Vance, Stacy, Terry – they all have documentation early on. At some point you start looking at yourself and think you’re not losing that much weight and think it’s not working. Well, go back and look at day one and you’ll see you really have changed your life. It’s not just physically as it’s mentally.”