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D’Lo Brown Says He Never Had An Issue With Eric Bischoff When He Ran Impact Wrestling

July 15, 2019 | Posted by Joseph Lee
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In an interview with Wrestling Inc, D’Lo Brown spoke about his time working with Eric Bischoff in Impact Wrestling and said that the two never had any issues as Bischoff ran creative. Here are highlights:

On the atmosphere of Impact today compared to then: “It seems everyone is more excitable today and they wanna go out there and put on the best show. They wanna show their talents and not that that’s different than before, they’re just younger and more enthusiastic and really wanna make an impression. Impact is trying to create a niche for itself and you have talent that wanna be a part of that.”

On working with Eric Bischoff: “He had a vision of what he wanted and he conveyed that down the line. You fell in line with his creative flow and I’m sure it’s gonna be the same way with what he does with SmackDown. He was pleasant to work with and I never had an issue with him. He’s a very ‘this is the way I want it done’ and I think that’s how he’ll handle SmackDown.”

On Aces and Eights: “It was so cool; it was fun. The whole Sons of Anarchy rift, wearing the mask and being these unknown assailants; it was really cool. Then to be revealed as being a part of that, I had fun with it.”

On the current boom period of wrestling: “There’s a buzz about pro wrestling right now and that’s very similar to The Attitude Era. I like the landscape of the business with six different companies all vying for their spots. What that means is more eyes on wrestling and that benefits the fans and the boys. I’m very excited about where wrestling is going for the next few years. Impact is staking our claim to our niche in pro wrestling as being one of the premiere companies out there. I like where we’re going and the possibilities of what Impact could be and I’m looking forward to taking this ride.”

On who he’d like to wrestle if he were still active: “Oh, I would have loved to have matches with like [Brian] Cage and [Michael] Elgin. I would love that; it would have been so fun. Now I couldn’t keep up with them if you paid me, but I would have loved to back in the day. In my prime, their prime, I think that would have been great.”

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