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D’Lo Brown Talks About How He Got His Role As A Producer In Impact Wrestling

July 11, 2019 | Posted by Joseph Lee
D'Lo Brown

In an interview with Wrestling Inc, D’Lo Brown spoke about his recent signing with Impact Wrestling, how he got his role as a producer with the company and more. Here are highlights:

On how he got the producer role: “It was a long process and upper management and I talked about it. It’s my way of giving back to the next generation of talent. I want to give my insight and experience and lend it to them with their creativity and we can create some special matches. Helping talent put their matches together and then calling in the [production truck] for the director. I’m just an overseer of talent’s matches.”

On how much has changed since the Attitude Era: “Obviously, everything evolves and when you look at sports like football and baseball, it’s different than what it was 20 years ago. [Wrestling] is a little different now because these guys are so elevated above the mat now. Everything’s high-flying when back in the day it was more ground and pound and very few high-flyers other than Luchadores. Now you’ve got guys like Michael Elgin and Brian Cage elevating and they’re super-heavyweights. That’s the big difference.”

On what talent he works with: “I try to get across the locker room. I’ve done stuff with everybody from Tessa to Elgin to Cage to The Rascalz to Jordynne Grace. It’s across the board and I don’t find myself with one set of talent as I don’t find that to be productive or fair to everyone else. Once creative comes down with the idea, you get it in the head and just try to convey what creative is trying to get across to the talent.”

On being a talent friendly producer: “I love the label being “wrestler-friendly” because I never wanna be the guy who tells you what to do. I always want to have the talent to shine brightly and have them be the ones who lead the match. What worked for me in my time may not work today so I don’t wanna be like, ‘You should wrestle like this.’ That’s not the way I liked it and I’d say the talent don’t like that now. It’s a good label; I like it and it gives me a great rapport in the locker room. It has a lot of the kids eager to wanna work with me.”

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