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Doc Gallows on Getting His Creative Freedom Back, Wants to See NJPW and Impact Work Together

August 2, 2020 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Good Brothers Impact Wrestling Doc Gallows Karl Anderson

Doc Gallows spoke with the This is Wrestling podcast for a new interview discussing the Good Brothers’ new Impact deal, the possibility of working with NJPW, a potential NJPW-Impact alliance and more. Gallows and Karl Anderson made a splash in their Impact debut at Slammiversary and are looking set for a feud with Madman Fulton and Ace Austin currently. They also have plenty of tag teams that they can face on the horizon, both in Impact and potentially in NJPW when they’re able to travel there. Gallows discussed how important it was for the two to get their creative freedom back and more. You can check out highlights and the full podcast below:

On the importance of getting their creative freedom back: “It means the world to us. Because I think you’re going to finally see the Good Brothers unhinged, unhandcuffed, without restraint, without lines. Because we’re the type of guys that don’t need lines, we don’t need to be told what to say. Just let us be us, and express ourselves, and we can go out there and get ourselves over. I’m a firm believer in that. We’re both highly confident that way. And I think that they’re gonna get more out of us that way, then by trying to script us. So it’s a huge deal. And them being open to our ideas when it comes to the creative and things like that, and everything that’s been laid out has been great so far. So it’s a really exciting time for Karl and I both as professional wrestlers and entertainers all the way around.”

On being able to go over to NJPW while working for Impact: “That’s Scott D’Amore, he knew how important it was to us. I think it’s important to him, to them, and it’s gonna be good for the brand. There is a New Japan carve-out, there is an option to work together on dates. So yeah, it’s gonna happen, it’s just dependent upon how soon the world can open up.”

On his goals with Impact: “What we want to do is just continue to grow Impact. I wan’t Impact to continue to grow and get bigger and get better. So that when our friends are calling us and they’ve got contracts up in other places, we can go, ‘Hey, we can do this for you over here. What do you think? Come jump onboard. Come have some fun and come party with us.’ And I think it’d be great. And I’d love to see — LOVE to see — New Japan and Impact. be able to form a working relationship at some point. I think that would be beneficial on both sides and I would really love to see that and hopefully help be part of making them come together.”

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