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Don Callis Talks About Bad News Brown Challenging Andre the Giant To A Fight Over Racist Remarks

October 21, 2015 | Posted by Joseph Lee

In an interview with Talk is Jericho, Don Callis spoke about an incident in the 1980s in which Bad News Brown challenged Andre the Giant to a fight over racist comments. He said the story was related to him by Brown. He remarked that when Brown removed his earrings to put them in his bag, Hulk Hogan thought he was going for a gun and ducked under his seat. Here are highlights:

On Andre’s remarks: “I heard this story a hundred times, [Brown] said Andre was making kind of comments or jokes or whatever, slurs. And Bad News was like, ‘hey, Andre, I don’t appreciate that! Can you keep that s–t to yourself?’. And Andre goes, ‘hey, News, f–k you!’ So News is like, ‘well, I’m not going to take that.'”

On Brown wanting to fight Andre: “[Brown]’s like, ‘get your big ass off this bus!’ and he’s trying to get Andre to go outside. And News told me, he’s like, ‘look, as a shoot, I don’t know what would have happened. He probably would have killed me.’ He’s like, ‘but he would have had to do it’. So he challenges Andre [but] Andre won’t get off the bus, so it kind of gets squashed.”

On challenging Andre later the next day: “Andre comes down, [Brown] challenges Andre again, and Andre just goes, ‘ah, don’t worry about it. I’m Polish [and] people make fun of me all the time’ and he’s like, ‘I don’t care. I don’t want to hear that stuff.'”

On if Bad News was telling the truth: “I probably knew Bad News better than anybody. One thing Bad News never did was lie about anything or exaggerate. It was just, a shoot’s a shoot. All I can tell you is I don’t know Hulk Hogan. I knew Bad News Allen [Brown] better than most and he would not make it up and if he said it happened like that, it happened like that.”