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AEW News: Don West Says AEW is Doing What TNA Should Have Done, Clip of Cody and Brandi Sharing Kiss At Double or Nothing Press Conference

May 24, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
AEW fire logo, Tony Khan

– 411 caught up with Don West at Starrcast and spoke with him about what he thinks of AEW Double or Nothing. You can see video below of West talking with our own Jeffrey Harris at the convention.

Talking about his experience at Starrcast, West was effusive. “I gotta tell you man, I did the first one in Chicago,” he said. “Conrad called me and invited me out, and I was blown away. What a concept, and of course with AEW and everything they’re doing, this is the greatest experience for wrestling fans. And then to bring it to Vegas, here at Ceasar’s Palace, having so much more room, this is the coolest, ultimate wrestling fan experience I’ve ever seen. And I’m proud and honored to be a part of it. It’s unbelievable … it’s like a Comic-Con for wrestling fans.”

When asked about what AEW’s doing, West said that they were breaking all the rules and doing what his old company should have done. “Let me tell you what I think and what I’m seeing. I’m seeing a group of guys not following the rules, not doing it the way that they’re told their supposed to do it. I worked in a company where think of the talent we had in TNA. A lot of those guys are here! A lot of these guys are headlining in WWE. We should have been doing this. We should have done it our way, and seeing AEW doing it the way they’re doing it is one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen. God bless ’em, and I hope they destroy the wrestling world and the way they’re doing it in a good way.”

– You can also see a couple brief clips from the Double or Nothing press conference/weigh-ins below, featuring Cody and Brandi Rhodes sharing a kiss and Dustin Rhodes cutting a promo. Our full coverage of that event is here