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Doudrop Comments on WWE TV Absence, Rumor on British NXT Talents

January 3, 2023 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
WWE Raw Doudrop Image Credit: WWE

As previously noted, WWE Superstar Doudrop has not appeared on WWE programming since an NXT appearance last September. Doudrop commented on her absence today via Twitter, denying she was off TV due to work visa issues, as commented on by Dave Meltzer during today’s Wrestling Observer Radio, along with a possible reason why we haven’t seen some other British NXT talents lately.

Doudrop said in response to a fan tweet, “I was very sick, but I am healing.” She also denied that a visa issue was the cause of her not appearing on WWE TV since September, writing, “No my visa was updated in April as discussed with @AlexMcCarthy88”

During Wrestling Observer Radio, Meltzer stated that the reason a number of British NXT talents, who were kept on the roster after NXT UK folded, haven’t appeared on TV lately is due to work visa issues. Doudrop herself hails from Scotland.

For clarification, when Meltzer was commenting on the issue during today’s Q&A portion of Observer Radio, he name-dropped Doudrop in a way noting that she is another name from the UK who has been gone lately, and he stated he didn’t know if all the UK talents fall in the category of having work visa-related issues.

Meltzer stated on the UK talents, “They went back over visa situations. They’ve got to get the visas taken care of. There’s a lot of people, the Gallus guys, and Tyler Bate — I don’t know that all of them fall in this category. Piper Niven’s been gone. That’s another one, Doudrop. Blair Davenport, a lot of them, that’s the basic situation with a lot of them is just getting the visa stuff worked out.”

One difference between Doudrop and the other former NXT UK talents is that Doudrop was already on the main roster when she took her leave of absence.

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