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Doudrop On Making It to Queen’s Crown Finals, Says It’s The Start of Her Legacy in WWE

October 20, 2021 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Doudrop WWE

Doudrop is set to face Zelina Vega in the finals of the Queen’s Crown tournament tomorrow at Crown Jewel, and the Raw star weighed in on what that might mean for her. Doudrop was a guest on this week’s The Bump, and you can see some highlights below (per Wrestling Inc):

On being in the finals of the tournament: “This is my first huge tournament. It’s definitely the biggest match of my career so far. I’m kind of caught up with excitement and anticipation and a little bit of nervousness, which I know is a good thing because you always want that nervousness so you can keep on your toes. Excitement is the predominant feeling right now.”

On what similarities she sees between herself and Vegas: “When people look at me, and they look at Zelina Vega, they think we couldn’t be any farther apart, which I don’t think is true at all. I think we have something very important in common, which as we know looks can be extremely deceiving. She may only be 5’0″, but it’s five-foot of pure fury. She is as fiery as they come, so I will have to watch out for her.”

On what her reign will be like if she wins: “Yeah, I think it would be a very colorful and bubbly reign. I wouldn’t put myself down as a tyrant at all. I would say that I’m the Queen of the people.”

On a potential women’s title shot if she wins: “I think this is really what could be the beginning of my legacy here in WWE. What a way to start by being the first-ever Queen’s Crown Tournament winner. To be the winner, it means that your name lives on in history forever. That’s certainly a prize I want my name on.”