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Drake Maverick Says He Feels No Pressure for Tonight’s Cruiserweight Title Match (Video)

June 3, 2020 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
NXT Drake Maverick 5-27-20

– WWE released a promo with Drake Maverick ahead of tonight’s Interim NXT Cruiserweight Championship tournament final against El Hijo del Fantasma. You can check out that promo clip below.

Previously, Maverick received his release from the WWE roster last week. However, he was allowed to stay to compete in the Interim Cruiserweight Title Tournament, which he had already been announced for ahead of his release. Conceivably, winning the title would allow Maverick to keep his job for a while. Maverick stated the following on tonight’s title matchup:

“I am feeling absolutely no pressure at all! You know why?! Because today is the day! It could be the best day of my life, or it could be the worst day of my life. But you know what? Look, this is what could happen! Tonight, I could be the NXT Cruiserweight champion! You know what I’m going to do today? This is the first time I’ve felt no pressure in so long. I’m gonna have some cookies! I’m gonna have some cookies in catering! The favorite ones I’ve always looked at but never did because of the diet because I wanted to get into bed, always trained, I wanted to be a wrestler. I’m gonna have some chocolate cake too. But that’s the thing with today. I don’t know what’s going to happen. And I’m excited because I’m at the NXT casino table. The chips are down! I’ve got the dice right here! Down it goes! All the chips are down. I don’t know what’s going to happen today. Hi cameraman! I can look directly into you today because guess what?! I don’t know what’s going to happen today. It could be either the best day of my life, or it could be the worst day of my life. But that’s the beauty of it. Tonight, we’re going to find out.”

Drake Maverick faces El Hijo del Fantasma later tonight on NXT for the interim title. The show will air tonight on the USA Network.

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