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WWE News: Drake Maverick Reconciles With Wife After Chat With EC3, Canvas 2 Canvas Features Steve Austin Artwork, WWE Day Of Showcases Bayley at Stomping Grounds

June 30, 2019 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
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As previously reported, Drake Maverick wasn’t doing well after losing the WWE 24/7 title back to R-Truth on his wedding day. He went so far as to write his life was in “shambles” on Twitter. It seems things have turned around for Maverick after a chat with EC3.

In a video Maverick shared earlier today on Twitter, EC3 sits down with Drake Maverick and gave him some sage wisdom. EC3 advises Maverick to “double down” and continue going after 24/7 title and not go on a honeymoon with his wife. EC3 then gets a phone call and walks away for a bit. He later returns and tells EC3 that he is in fact going on his honeymoon.

Later, EC3’s Renee Michelle wrote on Twitter, “I am pleased to let everybody know that myself & my husband have now reconciled & we are going on our HONEYMOON TOMORROW! I wonder where he’s going to take me?” You can check out her tweet below.

– WWE released this week’s Canvas 2 Canvas video, featuring some Stone Cold Steve Austin artwork based off Austin’s entrance at WrestleMania 19. You can check out that video below.

– WWE released a new WWE Day Of video going behind the scenes at Stomping Grounds with Bayley, where she defended the Smackdown women’s title. You can check out that video below.