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Drew McIntyre Thinks Brock Lesnar Makes for a Terrifying Face

September 12, 2023 | Posted by Jack Gregory
Brock Lesnar WWE Smackdown 1-27-23 Image Credit: WWE

Speaking recently with Essentially Sports, Drew McIntyre shared his thoughts on his history with Brock Lesnar and the potential for future confrontations between them (per Wrestling Inc. McIntyre also commented on changes to Lesnar’s character and the effect of his performance. You can find some highlights from the interview and see the complete video below.

On if the pair still have any unfinished business: “As far as I’m concerned, not really, because I beat him. We had the run leading up to WrestleMania and then I defeated him for the title. But, you know, if Brock shows back up in my life, I’m ready for the challenge.”

On Lesnar’s face turn: “There’s nobody like Brock Lesnar. I’ve seen what he’s been up to since last time we tangled, his cowboy run; he’s even more terrifying as a good guy smiling with a cowboy hat on, somehow. He did eliminate me from the Royal Rumble so we’re 1-1 in the Royal Rumble and then I’m 1-0 in singles matches so he’s probably the one who’s looking to come back and even the odds.”