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Drew McIntyre Doesn’t Care Which Brand He Ends Up on for WWE Draft, Excited for Future Feuds

September 23, 2021 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
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– Speaking to Eat, Sleep, Suplex, Retweet , WWE Superstar Drew McIntyre discussed the upcoming WWE Draft and more. Below are some highlights (via Fightful):

Drew McIntyre on possibly moving to SmackDown: “There is no guarantee [either Roman Reigns or Big E will be on either of the respective brands they are currently on]. I could be on any show, if you listen to the internet, they want SmackDown as the place for me to be. I’m excited for the draft and mixing things up. I think there’s been a significant amount of time that we have had the Raw roster and the SmackDown roster, we have had a lot of good feuds. But for me personally, I think I’ve pretty much worked with everybody that I want to work with on Raw and I’m excited for things to get mixed up now and get into some good programs. That’s what I care about, the story. I know there’s some good stories that I could be able to tell on SmackDown. So be it if I go there or if they come over to Raw, I don’t care. I’m just excited for the future feuds.”

McIntyre on wanting to work with Seth Rollins and Edge: “I look at something like Seth and Edge, how good they are together. I want to work with both individually. Seth and I have done a lot with roles reversed where I was the bad guy and he was a good guy. We had my first title defense, and probably the most underrated match ever. For the pay-per-view that was right after WrestleMania and there was nobody there that Performance Center and I enjoyed that match so much, he’s so good, but from a story perspective, I know that we can do some cool stuff, he’s actually a bad guy and wants to be bad, which is always nice. Edge is Edge. Again, I know all the storytelling would be unbelievable, because he’s an absolute master at it. I got to be in the ring with him a lot when I was younger, where I’m at now, where he’s at now, could be really good would be some really cool stuff.”

The upcoming 2021 WWE Draft will begin on October 1 on SmackDown and continue on October 4 with Raw.