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Drew McIntyre Explains His Character’s Mission Statement, Talks Championship Aspirations

May 15, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Drew McIntyre Raw 3-25-19

– Drew McIntyre spoke with Express Sport for a new interview discussing his character, his time on the independents and more. Highlights are below:

On his championship goals: “I think from my character’s mission statement to clean up what doesn’t need to be there. I need to be not just spouting off from a corner, I need to stand in the top of the mountain with the title. It would be a clear way to say, ‘Okay, this is how Drew McIntyre sees things.’ And maybe I can start calling people out. And perhaps I can start shaping the WWE the way I see it. And also the fact that it would be historical in the sense that we’d finally have a British champion. And also hopefully the Drew McIntyre character will start shaping RAW the way he sees it. There’s a cool thing about my character and that is that I can pull off a lot of real experiences from.”

On his time on the independent scene and making his way back to WWE: “I’ve been through such a unique journey with so many ups and downs that not many people on the roster can say anymore because we kind of lost all the guys that had the experience from the old territory days. I think I’ve got the closest kind of journey of those days but I just did it in reverse, you got guys coming from the independents and go to WWE to learn the WWE style. I was in WWE, [then] went to the independents, travelled the world and kind of learned some different things and came back a completely different animal with a completely different journey that no one’s ever been on.”

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