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Drew McIntyre Jammed a Pen Into Randy Orton’s Eye After Raw Went Off the Air (Video)

October 27, 2020 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Drew McIntyre Randy Orton WWE SummerSlam

Last night’s episode of Raw ended with Drew McIntyre and Randy Orton getting into a brawl. The feed for the show ended as Orton mounted McIntyre on the announce table and started throwing hands. However, it appears there is more footage of what took place after the US broadcast ended. The WWE YouTube clip of the brawl, and a clip from the Canada broadcast for last night’s show feature additional footage that did not appear to make the US broadcast. The clips show McIntyre getting the upper-hand on Orton. Then, McIntyre grabbed a pen from the desk and sticking it into Orton’s eye socket.

The WWE YouTube clip ends after Drew McIntyre removes the pen and yells at Orton, “You brought this on yourself Randy!” The clip from the Canada version goes on a little longer, showing Orton getting up and favoring his eye with his hand, with McIntyre grabbing him again to seemingly continue the punishment before the clip cuts off.