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Drew McIntyre On How He Didn’t Want To Be Like Other Talents Released From WWE

September 18, 2020 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Drew McIntyre WWE SummerSlam

In an interview with Medium, Drew McIntyre spoke about the plan he came up with when he was fired from WWE in order to fare better than others who had been in his position.

On his plan after getting fired from WWE: “When I was gone from WWE, I had a very clear mission statement in my head what I was going to do. Go back to the UK, and the way I was gonna set things up, I knew the power of social media. I just had a very clear business plan in my head and I wanted to set a new example of what somebody that’s been in my position can do. Most guys that have been let-go, they’ve flown under-the-radar, hoping to get re-signed one day or hoped to get signed somewhere else. I was the exact opposite. I spoke to a few guys. They told me (regarding the independents) ‘You’ll get paid a certain amount at first and you’ll do your WWE gimmick and then you’ll go down in wage, and down in wage and eventually you’ll make an amount you can live on or whatever..’ I said ‘That sounds terrible, that’s no way to live, that’s not my passion..’ and I thought, I’m gonna go out and make myself more marketable, more valuable than ever and its gonna be because I grew it, because of all the lessons I learned. The highs, the lows, everything in-between, that I’ve learned in my career, set me up to go on the journey I’ve gone on. My brother coined the phrase – You’ve become a verb, you’ve done ‘a Drew’ and to watch other guys go out there and just go for it – not necessarily do a Drew — but taking a chance on themselves – it’s really cool to see them believing.”

On helping certain companies: “When it came to Evolve and ICW – I made a deal with Evolve, because I knew there was a talent there I wanted to work with. I knew they didn’t have the money to pay what everyone else was paying me. With ICW, it was people I grew up with. I like to help the company, so I did deals in certain places, because I always saw it as my job to get the title over.”

On what he’s learned from WWE: “Taking your time and working the cameras, is something WWE taught me. Not rushing through things, and getting your face across – even though I’m a bigger guy, I will make sure to structure my match in a way that people would be able to recognise my face walking down the street. They’ll recognise my opponents face walking down the street. Vince McMahon always says, ‘It’s your face that gets you over’. That’s what people remember. That’s how you make your money. I subscribe to that, but I also believe you should be having a good match. You should be covering all facets of wrestling. You should be telling a story in the ring. The audience should be losing their mind on the near-falls. You should be killing-it facial-expression wise, storytelling-wise. If you excel in every single area, then you’re pleasing everybody and most importantly you’re pleasing yourself, cause you’ve got that creative freedom. Be creative, be different, don’t phone it in. If you’re not delivering and connecting with the crowd and getting every single one of them invested, you’re not doing your job.”

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