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Drew McIntyre Remembers Seeing How Much Pain The Undertaker Was In Before Retirement

November 21, 2020 | Posted by Joseph Lee
The Undertaker Raw 6-3-19

In an interview with ViBe & Wrestling, Drew McIntyre recalled a time when The Undertaker made fun of his beard when he tried to grow one for the first time.

He said: “Hopefully Undertaker’s okay with me doing impressions of him; it’s like everyone knows Drew does impressions as well. That was pretty much like my favorite interaction with him. I was just a young kid, just not quite understanding the lessons he was trying to teach me, and I wish I could go back in the time machine and just listen to those conversations when he was trying to help me out. He was speaking at such a high wrestling IQ that I wasn’t quite following him. And some of the funny things he said, like, ‘I’ve got more hair on my ass than you’ve got in your face’ when I tried to grow a beard for the first time… But one of the bigger things was like, observing him was a big thing for me, just watching the kind of person he was, or he is, and how much respect he had in the locker room. I’ve seen him and I can talk about this because it’s in The Last Ride and it’s not a secret anymore – I’ve seen him and how much pain he was in, and he would not show it to anybody unless I caught him.

Anyways, when he thought he was alone, I could observe just that he was in a lot of physical pain. But he was such a proud man, and he was so proud of at the time – it was kind of Raw versus SmackDown. Still is, but at the time, on the European tours, he was very proud that SmackDown would draw higher numbers than Raw during the international tours. And he kind of led by example, and he would fight through every night no matter what pain he was in. And I caught him a few times like, struggling backstage. But when he was in front of that crowd, you would never know as he was flying around the ring like a cruiserweight, giving everything he had 110 percent every night. That’s not TV – this is like, the house shows. This is the non-televised stuff, and I saw that kind of work ethic no matter what condition he was in. I thought, ‘Alright, this is the guy right here. This is somebody who loves this industry and this is someone I want to be like.’

Drew McIntyre also spoke about his storyline with Sheamus, noting that he wants to see it keep going because he thinks it’s interesting. He spoke about the feedback they got on how natural the scenes feel and how the chemistry they have is real because they are actually friends.