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Drew McIntyre Responds To Becky Lynch Saying He’s ‘Screwed’ At WrestleMania

March 1, 2024 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
WWE Raw Drew McIntyre, Cody Rhodes Image Credit: WWE

Becky Lynch recently said Drew McIntyre is “screwed’ against her husband Seth Rollins at WrestleMania, but McIntyre says she had different words off camera. McIntyre spoke on WWE’s The Bump about his match with Rollins at April’s PPV and more, and you can see highlights below (h/t to Fightful):

On Lynch saying that he’s ‘screwed’ at WrestleMania: “First of all, obviously Becky’s got to say that when she’s on camera. When we saw each other off-camera briefly, she was like, ‘Drew, I gotta say, I’m The Man of the house, and it’s be pretty cool for two Celtics to be successful at WrestleMania, big Celtic invasion at Mania, so do it for the lads.’ But that was off-screen. But when it comes to Seth, I told him exactly how I felt. Stop fighting battles in other lands, battles that have nothing to do with you. Focus on your people, focus on Raw, focus on the world title. You’re lost in the background ever there, and I believe he’s doing it for selfish reasons, egotistical reasons. I made it very clear how I feel.”

On Rollins trying to get people together to take down The Bloodline: “When I’m world champion, I will not give a darn. I’m trying really hard not to swear today. I don’t give a damn what’s going on at SmackDown when I’m world champion. I didn’t enunciate my words clearly [on Raw], but what I said was, if SmackDown’s on fire, I don’t care if they’re on their knees, begging for my help. I would not pee on them to put that fire out. My responsibility is to my people on Raw. It’s that simple. His argument, he’s trying to put together some Avenger team or something. If you look up that one scene with Wolverine, when he’s asked to assist in the battle, his reaction, that’s pretty much where Drew McIntyre’s at if you’re asking for my help.”