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Drew McIntyre Says He Will Make Seth Rollins Sleep With One Eye Open After Winning MITB

May 18, 2019 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
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The Sun Sport recently spoke to WWE Superstar Drew McIntyre ahead of Sunday’s Money in the Bank event. Below are some highlights.

Drew McIntyre on why he deserves a Universal title shot: “I was the last person who pinned Seth before WrestleMania and I deserve a shot. But as he is not willing to give it to me then I’m gonna make him sweat a little and sleep with one eye open. Maybe I’ll show up at his door at 3am in the morning with a referee, kick it in and beat him up in his own house.”

His thoughts on Money in the Bank: “The Money in the Bank is a match I have been part of twice and some of the worst things to ever happen to me in a match happened them. Kofi Kingston jumped off a ladder one time, I was lying on a table, and he landed on me and knocked me out. And in my very first one at WrestleMania 26 when I was the Intercontinental champion, Matt Hardy pushed the ladder. When I stepped off it, I was imagining in my head that I was falling gracefully like Shawn Michaels or Razor Ramon, but that never happened. When I did it I just violently plummeted crotch first on the top rope and it was the worst feeling of all-time at WrestleMania, in front of 80,000 people.”

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