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Drinkin’ Bros Co-Host Says Hulk Hogan Is Starting a Podcast

April 2, 2024 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Hulk Hogan Snoop Dogg Image Credit: WWE

Hulk Hogan is starting his own podcast soon, according to the co-host of the Drinkin’ Bros podcast. St. James noted on a recent episode that he has spoken with the WWE Hall of Famer and said that Hogan is apparently in the works on a podcast.

“I talked to Hulk two months ago,” St. James said during a conversation with Goldberg (per Fightful). “He’s about to start his own podcast as well. Maybe you’ll be a guest.”

Goldberg replied, “I’d love to. Hulkster taught me so much stuff.”

Hogan has not yet confirmed such a podcast.

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