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Duke Droese Says The Undertaker is a Cool But Quiet Individual

October 12, 2018 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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Duke “The Dumpster” Droese recently spoke to The Hannibal TV (via Sportskeeda), discussing his relationship with Undertaker and being part of the Bone Street Krew…

On the Bone Street Krew: “I think at one point anybody who was not part of The Kliq was in the BSK….guys even like Owen Hart and other people like that were in this group.”

On Undertaker as a Person: “A very cool individual, very quiet most of the time, he was obviously very well respected, still is, yeah, he was just a cool individual. Nothing really seemed to rattle him, you know would always see other wrestlers, angry, bitter, resentful, complaining about their situation, now granted Undertaker had one of the top positions at that time, of course, but he would kinda come and go, they would bring him up and down in different issues but you never heard him complain, never, ever heard him complain about anything.”

On Undertaker Staying Away From Politics: “He didn’t get wrapped up in all that stuff, sometimes wrestlers, like certain guys would talk about the people in The Kliq that they didn’t like and there was just a lot of complaining and bitterness but you never heard that from Undertaker.”

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