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Dustin Rhodes Discusses The Differences Between Coaching In AEW And Producing For WWE

May 3, 2022 | Posted by Ben Kerin
Dustin Rhodes Image Credit: AEW

In addition to working in the ring for AEW, Dustin Rhodes is one of the main coaches for the women in the promotion. During a recent interview with Thunder Rosa on her Taco Vlog, Rhodes highlighted the differences between coaching in AEW and producing in WWE (per Fightful).

“The other company is different. You don’t get to coach. I did with Lana and occasionally before the shows, but coaching here is way different than producing there. They call it producing there, we call it coaching here. It’s real strict. They have to do exactly as they are told. There are lots of things they can and cannot do. It sucks for them because they can’t spread their wings and do some really cool stuff like you ladies do because it’s so strict, ‘They can’t do that, we’re not going to do that, Dustin, that’s on you.’ Then, if they do it, I get in trouble for it. Very limited. It’s not the same there. It sucks. It’s hard,” he said.

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