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Dustin Rhodes Explains Why He Decided to Leave WWE, Wanting More Freedom, Discusses Talent Being Scared of Talking to Vince McMahon

May 23, 2019 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
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WrestlingInc.com recently interviewed former WWE Superstar Dustin Rhodes for the WINCLY podcast. He discussed his exit from WWE, AEW, Vince McMahon, and more. Below are some highlights, courtesy of WrestlingIn.com.

Rhodes on being away from WWE:His thoughts on AEW: “AEW is gonna open a lot of eyes and shock the world. I think everybody is rushing to up their ratings and entertainment value. Let’s face it, the creative team in the other company [WWE]… you pitch so many ideas and nothing ever gets done. They never take your idea seriously and then you have to bypass them and go to the boss [Vince McMahon].”

Rhodes on how he and Cody felt unimportant to writers in WWE:“That stuck with me for a long time and I’m sure it stuck with Cody. What he’s doing right now is taking on the world and taking on everybody. Everybody’s gonna be in his rearview mirror and he’s out to prove a point. He’s Dusty’s son and he’s got that knack of entertainment and the smart business savvy sense that Dad had with booking and creating.”

Dustin Rhodes on why he asked for his WWE release: “I don’t want to put anybody down and go into [why I left] because that was the past and I’m not there anymore. I asked for my release because I wanted to have freedom. I was going nowhere at that point and when you’re not involved in a storyline and you’re trying to get involved in a storyline, it’s heartbreaking for everybody up there.”

Rhodes on talent walking on eggshells in WWE and being afraid to talk to Vince McMahon: “That’s got to stop. If something is pitched to you and it’s a damn good angle, why are you scared to go take it to the man [Vince McMahon]? That makes no sense to me; he’s a man. He might be our boss but all he can do is say ‘yes’ or ‘no.’ My frustration was that I didn’t get a lot of answers.”

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