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Dynamite Kid’s Daughter Bronwyne Billington Discusses How She Wants Her Father to be Remembered for More Than His Wrestling

December 16, 2018 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
The Dynamite Kid

As previously reported, former WWE Superstar Dynamite Kid, aka Tom Billington, passed away earlier this month. The Calgary Sun later published a new column by Natalya Neidhart, who interviews Dynamite Kid’s daughter, Bronwyne Billington, who speaks about her father and his legacy. Below are some highlights.

Billington on her early relationship with her father [Dynamite Kid]: “Growing up, my Dad was always on the road. I remember he’d be gone weeks at a time in Japan. He’d never come home empty-handed, different coloured Kimonos for my Mom, all kinds of Hello Kitty stuff for me. I was probably the first five-year-old in Canada with the latest Hello Kitty gear. When I turned five, I asked for a pony for my birthday. We lived on an acreage, and my Dad delivered! Problem was, none of us knew how to take care of a pony! It wasn’t that my Dad was making “big money” and I got whatever I wanted, it’s that he truly wanted to give me the world. We didn’t end up keeping the pony, but the lengths my dad went to make me happy are never forgotten.”

Billington on being estranged from her father for 15 years: “It had been 15 years in between our last visit. I had a daughter of my own and that made me question how I’d feel if anything were to happen to my Dad. Would I regret not trying to reach out to him, seeing if we could mend our relationship? With the help of Facebook, I found my cousins, aunt and uncle in England and planned a trip out to see them. While I was there, I planned on just showing up at my Dad’s door unannounced. And that’s exactly what I did. He was so excited to see me that I started to cry. He said, ‘What’s wrong?’ ‘I missed you!’ I said.”

Billington on rekindling her relationship with her father: “One afternoon, I just sat with him and we watched an interview on his old buddy Bad News Brown. I was on the couch and my Dad sat in his wheelchair. I kept looking at him like I missed him. I got up, moved a chair from the dining room and sat right next to him. I just couldn’t be close enough! We wrapped our arms around each other and just cried. It was like an unspoken moment of knowing he was sorry for all he had missed. That might be my most cherished moment with my Dad.”

Billington on how she wants her father, Dynamite Kid, to be remembered: “I want the world to remember my dad for more than just his wrestling. I tell these stories to show the softer side because I think people forget that we are all human and have families with emotions. Sometimes being in the spotlight can be hard, people can be cruel and focus on the negative. Yes, there were bad times. Yes, my Dad has done wrong. It’s how we overcome these situations and moved forward, we learn to forgive and forget and that’s what I’ve taken from my relationship with my Dad. People do change but I know that there was always goodness in him. I’ve seen it since I was just a little girl. He had a huge heart.”

Billington on her father’s legacy: “I want my dad’s legacy to live on through his children (Marek and Amaris) and grandchildren, Miami and Taya. We will never stop watching the matches and sharing our stories. Although he is gone, I feel comfort in knowing he gave it his all, he put up a good fight and he isn’t suffering anymore.”

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