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EC3 Teases AEW Debut In New Promo

July 2, 2020 | Posted by Joseph Lee
EC3 Ethan Carter III NXT Takeover Philadelphia - Kurt Angle

Last month, EC3 teased a jump to ROH in a promo he posted to Twitter, which happened after Impact Wrestling hinted that he would debut for them. It seems he wants to keep his fan guessing, because he posted a new video last night that suggested he’s bound for AEW.

He said: “Twitter is a sewer. I’ll put this content on here later, but for now it’s here. I’m sure algorithms will treat this post fair. #ControlYourNarrative #FreeEC3. You can spend your whole life letting people tell you what to do, dictate your path, choose your fate. Do you decide your future or is it chosen for you? We are living in unprecedented times with lockdowns, quarantines, terror in the streets. We are living an American nightmare. From coast to coast, Maine to So Cal, uncensored chaos and confusion reigns supreme. You walk outside and it feels like you’re in the jungle, boy! You fear the revolt is coming to you if you don’t adhere to the group thinking.

You feel like you’re left out to hang, man. The natural state of things has fallen into this dark order and you plug away day after day like a gear in an f’n machine. Society is broken but now is the time you keep your inner circle small, you do not have best friends, you can only trust yourself. And it doesn’t matter if you’re an old man or a young buck, you speak your truth. You stand tall, exalted.

You rise like a phoenix, you carry yourself with moxie and seal it with a sunny kiss. Now these bastards may criticize you, they may mock you, they may cancel you, hell, they may even imitate you…poorly. But you never give in, you never apologize. You put the word ‘sorry’ back into that dictionary and you throw it into the library, into it’s face, because it is never the end! There is no omega when you are an alpha. You think for yourself, you fight for yourself, you control your narrative. And if you don’t, then you’re just part of the con. You are more than elite, you are free, and they have been warned.

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