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Eddie Guerrero Added To El Paso Athletic Hall of Fame

June 28, 2023 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Eddie Guerrero WWE Champion Image Credit: WWE

Eddie Guerrero has received another posthumous honor, as he has been named to the El Paso Athletic Hall of Fame. El Paso Times reports that the WWE Hall of Famer will be inducted later today. Here are highlights from his family and friends discussing his life and career.

Dean Malenko on Guerrero’s talent in the ring: “He was just as good at being a heel or a baby face — in wrestling terminology a good guy or a bad guy. Eddie’s the guy you want to hug, kiss him on the cheek, then two seconds later he could do a Jekyll and Hyde in the ring and you’d want to kill him, you wanted to beat him up. He had that kind of mannerism. Guys like that, it’s a very small list of guys. Eddie happens to be one of them.”

Vickie Guerrero on his troubles in life: “He went through 12 rehabs, three overdoses, a car crash. We filed bankruptcy, he got fired from WWE twice. Those were the consequences of how he was living his life. He tried to do it all on his own, it wasn’t until he surrendered his life to Jesus Christ that he knew he could get on a path without those distractions. When he did that he gained his family back.”

Sister Linda Rodriguez Guerrero on his final years: “I learned more from my little brother in his last years than anything else. He was so lovely and warm, constantly uplifting us. Working through his struggles, he was always in the moment. If I had a problem, if anyone had a problem, he’d say, ‘Let’s talk about you.’ He didn’t like everything to be about him, like he was a big star. For me, he was Eddie. We had the best times. He was an amazing brother to me, an amazing brother-in-law to my husband, an amazing uncle to my kids. He did struggle, but he worked through that.”

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