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Eddie Kingston on Jon Moxley Trying to Get Him to WWE, His Current Relationship With Claudio Castagnoli & Bryan Danielson

October 30, 2022 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Claudio Castagnoli Eddie Kingston AEW Dynamite Blood & Guts Image Credit: AEW

– AEW star Eddie Kingston recently spoke to the ESPR Wrestling Podcast on Jon Moxley attempting to bring him into WWE and also how he currently views Bryan Danielson and Claudio Castagnoli. Below are some highlights:

On if Jon Moxley ever tried to get him to go to WWE: “My only interest was making money. I didn’t care where it was, and I used to tell a lot of young guys on the independents, ‘Don’t be a mark or a fan for letters. Be a mark and a fan for dollar signs. So it didn’t really matter where I was as long as I got paid. But Jon [Moxley] would definitely try. He has his ways, you know what I mean. He would hit me up once a year for like three years, ‘Hey, I sent your tape to [William] Regal. And I wouldn’t have his number saved because he changed his number. And every year, I’d be like, ‘Who’s this?’ ‘It’s Mox!’ ‘Yo, what’s up Mox?’ ‘Nothing.’ Then the next year, ‘Hey, I sent more of your stuff to Regal and WWE.’ Then I’d be like, ‘Who is this? Oh it’s Mox.’ ‘What’s up,’ no answer again. It was like that for three years in a row.”

Eddie Kingston on his current relationship with Bryan Danielson and Claudio Castagnoli: “I don’t trust him [William Regal] because he’s a Bryan fan. He really likes Bryan, and he really likes Claudio. And I don’t know. You lie down with dogs, you get fleas. Me and Claudio are cool now, but I don’t trust him. Only reason why me and Claudio are cool is because Mox asked me. But I told Mox that I would never be cool with Bryan.”

If using the above quotes, please credit the ESPR Wrestling Podcast, with an h/t to 411mania.com for the transcription.

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