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Edge Is Not Sure That Shinsuke Nakamura ‘Will Get There,’ Talks Shane McMahon’s HIAC Bump

October 20, 2017 | Posted by Larry Csonka

– During a recent edition of E&C’s Pod Of Awesomeness (transcript via wrestlinginc.com), Edge spoke about Shinsuke Nakamura’s main roster run and questions whether Nakamura will succeed in WWE like he had in NJPW…

Edge on Shinsuke Nakamura: “It’s strange with Nakamura, man, because, like you’ve said, we’ve seen his matches with AJ [Styles] in New Japan [Pro-Wrestling] and everything. With Randy [Orton], I’ve seen it. And with Sami [Zayn], I’ve seen it. But that match too, man, I really loved that match and after that, it’s like, anything else is going to be tough to live up to. “I mean, maybe [Nakamura will “get there”]. Maybe. Who knows? It’s a different beast entirely. People can blame it on booking, this, that, or the other. I don’t know. I think it’s weird. It just goes to show how different places to wrestle are completely different environments.”

Edge on Shane McMahon’s HIAC Bump: “I mean, it’s Shane, right? So you know he’s going to fall off of something,” Edge said. “You know it’s coming and what’s difficult about that sometimes is that the crowd, they know that, so they wait for that. Do you know what I mean? So sometimes you pigeonhole yourself, you trap yourself. When you’re the guy who falls off of buildings, they’re going to wait for you to fall off the building. I’ve enjoyed the whole storyline and the fact that Kev is always the guy who talks about family, he made it about family, so it was interesting. It was really good.”

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