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El Phantasmo Addresses Comparisons to Prince Devitt, Debuting in NJPW as Part of the Bullet Club

June 2, 2020 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
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NJPW1972.com recently interviewed former IWGP junior heavyweight tag team champion and Super J-Cup 2019 winner, El Phantasmo. Below are some highlights.

El Phantasmo on debuting with the Bullet Club against Will Ospreay and Ryu Lee: “It was definitely the most pressure I’d ever had in my career. I’m debuting in the f***ing BULLET CLUB, in the best wrestling promotion in the world, New Japan, and most people didn’t know who I was. But I thrive on that. When I came back through the curtain, they told me I got a bigger reaction than AJ Styles did five years earlier, so there.”

On being glad he came in as part of the Bullet Club: “Of course I’m glad. Look, BULLET CLUB is the single greatest faction in the history of professional wrestling. Look at the members that we have here in NJPW, and the members that were here and are now all over the world. We run everything in this business. I’m absolutely glad that they saw that attitude in me, and decided to give me a shot. I mean, if I went into CHAOS, I would have been just a guy like they all are. I would have been a Robbie Eagles.”

El Phantasmo on his shades and light up jacket drawing comparisons to Prince Devitt/Finn Balor: “I’d been wearing light up jackets and shades before NJPW. Plus, we’re both ripped, good looking dudes with a beard and a fresh fade *laughs*. But I went into Dontaku really aware that now I could represent the spirit of what BULLET CLUB means, which is to go and tear s**t up and do whatever the f**k you want.”

On how nothing Robbie Eagles has done compares to what he’s already accomplished in NJPW: “And Robbie has done absolutely nothing that compares. He’s too worried about what the fans think and if they like him, and because of that he hasn’t achieved anything. He’s never beaten me and he never will. With him now in CHAOS in Ospreay’s shadow, Ishimori and I can both concentrate on being IWGP Junior Heavyweight singles and tag champions.”