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Eli Drake Says Impact Should Balance TV and Online Streaming

December 6, 2018 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Eli Drake’s Eli Drake Gravy Ring Warriors wish

– Eli Drake spoke on the latest Impact Wrestling media call about Impact’s TV deal and the idea of streaming options for the company. Highlights are below per Wrestling Inc:

On the balance between TV and streaming online: “I think right now a hybrid is probably the best approach. I feel like TV is kinda losing a little bit of its luster because everybody is so into streaming. I think finding a streaming partner would be great, while also having TV. At the end of the day, TV is still king. Will that hold over for much longer? I don’t know. As far as advertisers and what not, there is money in streaming but there’s also still a lot of money in TV.”

On the need for terrestrial television still: “I think TV is still important to reach out to different sections of the audience. But I think also moving forward, streaming and the internet are valuable and making our footprint there is necessary.”

On re-signing with Impact: “I know a lot of people were tolling the death nail for me as far as my stay at Impact. At times I even thought I was going to move on as I had other offers. I did an audit of my life at the time. I enjoy where I’m living. I enjoy the money I’m making. I’m living comfortably. I was like, ‘why change anything right now?’ If I decide in the next year or so to change anything, of course I still have that option. But for now, it’s ‘let’s step back and look at my life. Do I like it?’ Yes, so I’m not going anywhere.”