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Eli Drake Thinks That WWE Needs To Start Changing Their Pay Structure

June 14, 2019 | Posted by Joseph Lee
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In an interview with Wrestling Inc, Eli Drake spoke about changes that he thinks the WWE needs to make, which includes their pay structure for talent. Here are highlights:

On looking at other promotions: “I am interested in anyone who has something interesting for me to do and who is going to pay me well. Have I extensively watched the product? No, but I did check in with the Moxley match a few nights ago.”

On talking with Jon Moxley before the Talk is Jericho interview: “He didn’t tell me the AEW stuff but I kinda had an idea and he was like, ‘Oh, I’m just gonna do whatever I want.’ As far as his frustrations there, it’s something that I hear really kinda blanket about WWE. I wonder, eventually at some point they’ve got to start hearing this and changing something. Now there’s starting to be options and it does feel like prison where they are all gonna wanna escape as soon as they can.”

On changes WWE should make and if he’d go there: “There’s certain things that need to change including the pay structure. When you look at the amount of money they are making, and the percentage of that going to talent pay; it’s really low. I would consider but it depends on the offer. If the offer’s right I would consider anything. But that’s a big ‘if’.”

On why he doesn’t like deathmatch wrestling: “The deathmatch thing is overdone. If you have a feud and a buildup and it goes to some crazy match; that’s fine. But two random guys with no backstory hit each other with light tubes and stupid crap like that just cheapens the whole thing.”

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