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NBA Player Enes Kanter Wants WWE Career After NBA, Says He’s Trying To Meet Vince McMahon

March 17, 2019 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
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Hoops Rumors recently interviewed 26-year-old NBA and Portland Trail Blazers player Enes Kanter, who said he wanted to pursue a career in WWE. Kanter joined the NBA in 2011 for the Utah Jazz. He’s also played for the Oklahoma Thunder and the New York Knicks. He’s also 6’11”. Below are some highlights.

Kanter on being serious about a career with WWE: “Actually, I was just watching RAW on Monday night. I’m very serious about it. I feel like it’s my world. You just got to go out there, talk trash, troll people. Lifting, I love lifting. It’s just fun, man. I don’t want to stop my sports career when I’m done with basketball. A lot of people go into broadcasting, coaching, but I want to continue opening the door in sports. That’s why I’m very serious about it. I’m already in contact with some of the people from the WWE.”

Kanter on who he’s been in contact with and wanting to meet with Vince McMahon: “Paul Heyman, some of the wrestlers. I’m actually trying to meet with [WWE Chairman and CEO] Vince McMahon.”

Kanter on wanting to do it after his basketball career: “I’ll just say it was my hobby in college because I didn’t get to play [basketball] in college. And so I said I’ll just do it after my basketball career. I’m very serious about it.”