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Enzo Amore Slams ‘Fake News’ On Big Cass – Carmella Altercation Rumor

March 16, 2019 | Posted by Ashish
Enzo & Cass - nZo, Enzo Amore, Big Cass

Enzo Amore took to Twitter today to slam a website that reported on an online rumor regarding an altercation between Big Cass and Carmella. Amore said the rumor is “fake news.” The website has since deleted the article.

“I never do this, but I’ll denounce this fuckin jerk off. the ⁦#TheSportster⁩ should fire u for spreading #fakenews. You know nothing, Big Cass never ever got into an altercation w/ his ex. They were extremely cordial, ur a fuckin idiot.”

“Women lie. Men lie. Number don’t lie. And my number was never contacted ONCE, and I never spoke badly about the company that changed my life. Right a fiction or an opinion article before you get sued. @The_Sportster”

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