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Enzo Amore Says He Was Triple H’s Red-Headed Stepchild in WWE, Discusses Receiving Praise From Bray Wyatt

March 9, 2019 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
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As previously reported, Title Match Wrestling recently interviewed former WWE Superstar Enzo Amore, aka nZo, in a three-hour shoot interview. Below are some additional highlights (per ProWrestling.com).

Enzo Amore on the head he had from the NXT trainers: “I used to get ragged and ripped on, because any shot that I ever got to get out in front of people, to me that was the biggest moment in the world. It didn’t matter if it was 10 people or if it was 10,000. If somebody hit me with their move, I ate it and I tried to make it look like it killed me. I’d go through the curtain and the old-timers like Norman Smiley, Nick Dinsmore, Bill DeMott would be like, ‘What are you doing? Are you trying to kill yourself? You’re never gonna make it! You’re gonna die and have a have a five-year career!’ But I was listening to the people, and when I got killed or made a move look crazy — I never took the same bump twice, and nine times out of ten it was on purpose.”

Enzo Amore on getting praise backstage from Bray Wyatt: “I’m sitting backstage and I’ve had four matches. They were all against Big E, and all that happened was he grabbed me and gave me his finisher five times. And every time I took it, I took it a different way. I took wild bumps, landed on my arm, my head, my neck. And [Bray Wyatt] was sitting up there watching me take these finishers a different way every time. He pulls me aside, puts me under his arm, and goes ‘You’re gonna be alright by me, boy.’ This guy was in the business, and he was the first guy in the business, born into it, to be like, ‘Bro, f*** what they’re saying. I see how hard you’re working to learn this s*** in the ring, and you’re willing to kill yourself.’ So me and Bray Wyatt have been best buddies ever since. He was the first guy to really see that.”

Enzo Amore and his relationship with Triple H: “I had the most significant relationship [with Hunter]probably in the last ten years. No other wrestler that he’s recruited had as significant of a relationship, and there ain’t much of a relationship. I’m his red-headed stepchild. He never asked for this. I had my job threatened by Triple H personally. No one else on the roster, NXT or WWE, has ever had their ass chewed out by Hunter like I have. And probably rightfully so, at times. The thing with Hunter is, I’m the guy that he found on the back of a moving truck, and he gave me a tryout. You have to understand the way that I debuted. I was never supposed to happen. I think Hunter was going to fire me, or Bill DeMott was going to fire me.”

“I’m the guy setting up the ring and selling the merchandise. Every Friday armory show, I’m selling FCW shirts and I haven’t had a match yet. I’m paying my dues, and selling the most merch they’ve got. What am I doing? I’m building my brand before I even take the ring. I’m shaking hands with everyone in Florida, selling these t-shirts. Now they know the guy from the merch stands, and when I have a match they maybe remember me. All the other wrestlers have to watch it from the back, behind the curtain at the monitor, because that’s the stigma. You gotta be a star right? But me, I’m not even a wrestler yet. I’m not a star, I’m making $600 a week.”

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