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Eric Bischoff Discusses Becky Lynch’s Edge, If He Thinks He Belongs in WWE Hall of Fame, and AEW TV Deal

March 22, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Lambert
Eric Bischoff

– Eric Bischoff sat down with WrestleZone at C2E2 and touched on a variety of topics. Some highlights are below:

On The Becky Lynch vs. Ronda Rousey Feud: “There is an edge to the way they’re getting their characters over in public. There’s an edge — almost a dangerous edge to the way Becky attacks social media or uses social media. And I think that edge, intensity as you put it, a little bit of danger is always going to be a driver for professional wrestling.

If you think about it, what is sports entertainment or professional wrestling? It’s two people, sometimes more, who have a personal issue and they battle it out in a physical story. The edgier it is, the more dangerous it is, the more it pushes the envelope, the more it will be successful. That formula has always worked in professional wrestling.”

On Going Into The WWE Hall Of Fame: “I don’t really think about it. People always ask, ‘When are you getting inducted?’ ‘Who would you like to induct you?’ I’m not sure I really want to be. It’s because I respect the people in the Hall of Fame. A professional wrestler sacrifices a ton. The odds of being successful in wrestling are so slim. To even find a place to learn is so difficult. The odds of making it to WWE is so slim it’s hard to recalculate. The opportunity to become a major star in WWE, the odds are even more remote. When people finally reach that level of success, I have so much respect for them. I don’t feel like I sacrificed anything. I was fortunate. I was blessed. I was in the right time at the right place. I achieved so much but I didn’t really suffer or have to sacrifice. I don’t feel like I’m a peer of those people. I would rather cheer people on than be on the stage.”

On AEW And Network Television: “It used to be, you would have to find a home on an established competitive cable outlet. Today, that’s not the case. Today, because of the access to and affordability to great quality streaming, you don’t need a television platform. I would seriously think about building my own streaming platform. I would go the OTT route, similar to the WWE Network. I would program my own network and not depend upon a cable outlet. If a network decides they are going to change their brand, you’re out of business. Rather than be dependent on that relationship, I would want to control my own destiny.”

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